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Winner of the 1993 German UNESCO Commission Award, Leipzig Book Fair 1992.  Popular, richly illustrated, full colour mini-history of Jamaica:100 pages 11" x 8.5" with maps and Alphabetical Index. Third printing.

ISBN: 976-8092-31-7
First published 1991
Hardcover US$28.00
Softcover  US$15.00.

The Founding of Sligoville

A Tribute to Howe Peter Browne, 2nd Marquess of Sligo, Governor  of Jamaica, Friend and Protector of the Former Slaves of Jamaica

A commemorative booklet recording the epic January 1996 visit of Jeremy Ulick Browne, 11th Marquess of Sligo and the Marchioness of Sligo to the historic district of Sligoville, the first free village in Jamaica founded in 1835 by Reverend James Phillippo. 36 pages, 8" x 10".

ISBN: 976-8139-76-5
Published 1996
US$10.00 .

Jamaica in 1687

The Taylor Manuscript at the National Library of Jamaica
Edited and with Introduction by David Buisseret

This unique, originally handwritten 850-page journal is an account of John Taylor's adventures in England and then in Jamaica before the 1692 Port Royal earthquake. After some 30 years of intermittent work, Buisseret offers us an annotated transcription of the 450-odd pages of the journal which concerns the island, including information about Jamaica under the Spaniards, the English invasion of 1655, the formation of the new society and the treatment of slaves.

This remarkable document has been used by international scholars as a source and by those involved in the Rockefeller restoration of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. 384 pages, 7" x 10" with maps and illustrations.

DAVID BUISSERET is a former Garrett Professor of History, University of Texas, Arlington, and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. He taught at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica, from 1964 to 1980, and his recent publications include The Oxford Companion to World Exploration, Rural Images: Estate Maps in the Old and New Worlds, and (with Michael Pawson)
Port Royal, Jamaica.

ISBN: 978-976-640-166-5
First Published 2008
Hardcover US$60.00
Co-publication: University of the West Indies Press
The Mill Press and The National Library of Jamaica

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